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Here in British Columbia a big time heat wave is ongoing. Nighttime temperatures are routinely reaching the mid 20’s. To help keep cool, I have been using a desktop fan in my bedroom during both day and night. This includes sleep. I am none the worse for doing so.

Since I am writing this blog post, I am clearly still alive. So obviously, there is no such thing as “fan death.


Comments on: "I just saved South Korea" (3)

  1. That sounds like a bit of a dumb myth … Even MythBusters probably wouldn’t care to try it. (But then again, they’ve tested whether a rolling stone gathers moss, or whether Pyramid Power works …)

  2. The link in the post sends you to the Wikipedia article on fan death, so it is a real urban legend. And I agree that it is a dumb thing to worry about.

  3. […] However, since my niece is still alive, (she was never in any danger to begin with), and since there is no apparent relevant distinction between South Korean and Canadian electric fans, fan death is clearly false, just like it was last year. […]

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