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This is good news. On the 8th, the 9th District Court of Appeals ruled that pharmacies are not allowed to refuse to sell emergency contraception. According to the unanimous ruling, a patient’s right to timely medication (important with EC) takes precedence over a pharmacist’s personal views:

Any refusal to dispense — regardless of whether it is motivated by religion, morals, conscience, ethics, discriminatory prejudices, or personal distaste for a patient — violates the rules.


Edit: Publishing date changed to July 17 so discussion can continue.

Comments on: "Western US pharmacies no longer allowed to punish women" (11)

  1. Huh. About bloody time it is.

  2. Your really ok with the government telling a private business what products they have to stock? This is a clear case of government intrusion into the lives of a private citizen, this leads to very bad things.

  3. Regulations exist for a reason. There are regulations that pharmacies in Washington are required to follow if they want to operate legally, the same way there are regulations for banks to follow if they want to operate legally.

  4. So your ok with those “regulations” requiring a business to carry a product they do not wish to sell? What if the regulation was instituted that any business that sells books must sell the Qur’an, would that be acceptable to you?

  5. The case under discussion here concerns matters of health. Not getting EC may have health-related aftermath. No one is going to have health-related effects if they don’t get their holy book. This distinction exists, and hence it is possible to be against refusal clauses but not be in favour of bookstores to sell specific books.

  6. Can you site any medical paper that states that emergency contraception (the morning after pill) helps with a health condition? What “health-related effects” does it help?

  7. EC itself only prevents pregnancy. It works the same way as ordinary hormonal contraceptives, only in a much higher dose. Besides preventing pregnancy, HC is also used to treat polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis. Since it works the same way as HC, EC is also usable as a treatment for those things, although due to cost and the side-effects I don’t expect this to be happening.

  8. So it is not the best option to help a health issue? So why should a private business be forced to sell a product that is inferior to others that they already carry?

  9. Not quite.

    It is indeed possible to take a several HC pills (exact number depends on brand and formulation) at once for the purposes of emergency contraception. However, not every woman happens to have enough of those pills around in order to do so. So if a woman needs EC, what is the purpose of giving her 28 pills if she only needs less than half of those? It’s wasteful.

    In addition, EC comes with a pregnancy test.

  10. But we go around again. There is no health benefit of taking an emergency contraceptive that can not be done with another product. Stop tap dancing around the fact that the only reason women take it is to end a pregnancy they may have as a result of their poor choices.

    A pharmacy should not have to dispense any drug that is not prescribe by a doctor. If it is an over the counter drug then it should be the choice of the proprietor of that pharmacy to carry it or not.

  11. Actually, young women need a prescription to get EC. Hence, an older woman who needs it would either have to pretend to be young or else pretend to have a daughter who needs it. This loophole is big enough to drive a truck through. In addition, it would result in people consistently lying to get around a law.

    And if a woman is raped, I don’t think she deserves to be accused of making a “poor choice” because she didn’t take an army of reliable bodyguards with her.

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