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They’re equally bad?

Shorter Jill Stanek: Premarital sex is as bad as murder.

Steven Waldman of Beliefnet e-mailed Jill Stanek and asked her about why people like her were opposed to using contraception as a means to reduce the need for abortion. She mentioned that she was against it because she thought it led to sinfulness. Waldman then asked her for clarification, arguing that even if contraception led to the sins of hypocrisy and premarital sex, wouldn’t these be less bad than abortion?

Stanek then responded, arguing that there is no scriptural basis for allowing “lesser sins” to prevent “greater sins”. She then said (emphasis added), “That premise aside, it is no “lesser sin”to commit extramarital [sic] sex — both before marriage and during marriage.” Since Stanek thinks that abortion is murder, and since she thinks premarital sex is as bad as abortion, she thinks that premarital sex is as bad as murder! Since 95% percent of Americans have premarital sex, she clearly thinks that 95% of Americans are the moral equivalent of murderers. Since we punish murder with lengthy prison terms or the death penalty, I’d like to indicate that doing the same to 95% of the US population would be pretty brutal.

Stanek is entitled to her beliefs, and it may well be possible to argue that premarital sex is wrong, but is it as bad as murder? (Hint: no.)

Via RH Reality Check.

Comments on: "They’re equally bad?" (4)

  1. well, it’s good to know that i’m essentially a murderer, but i’m a blissfully happy murderer-equivalent! this woman needs to wake up and realize what century we’re in…

  2. Exactly correct.

  3. Kristen from MA said:

    She really is batshit nuts, isn’t she? I’m surprised she hasn’t been hospitalized.

  4. Kirsten from MA, you said it well. People like Stanek are the primary obstacle against reducing the US abortion rate.

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