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Eric and Sandy Mongerson, a Georgia couple with four children and married for twenty one years, are involved in a divorce case. It has been revealed that Mr. Mongerson is gay, and the Georgia Supreme Court has ruled that his children cannot be disallowed from visiting him. Unsurprisingly, this has made it to OneNewsNow:

“In this case the court, in order to somehow perpetuate and further the interest of political correctness, has taken what’s in the best interest of the child and turned it on its head,” [Matt Barber, head of Liberty [sic] Counsel] contends.

Barber says there appears to be no consideration for the fact that children are very impressionable and could be harmed from exposure to a homosexual environment.

Deliberately keeping children away from their own biological parents is a pretty weird form of “family values”. It’s almost as if they think that being around gay people make you gay, the same way they think being around red-haired people makes your hair change colour.

Hat tip to Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

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