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Via Feministe comes news that the Dominican Republic has passed a total ban on abortion with no exceptions, not even for the mother’s life:

[A coordinator of the United Nations Program for Human Development Miguel] Ceara [Hutton] said the new Constitution excludes the women’s right to life and encourages  the incidence of clandestine abortions and maternal deaths in the country.

In that regard, the Dominican Gynecology and Obstetrics Society Wednesday warned that the number of maternal deaths will increase considerably, with the approval of the article that bans the interruption of pregnancies.

The entity’s president, Aldrian Almonte, said the current figure of 160 deaths for each 100,000 live births per year will increase, because doctors would be reluctant to proceed from fear of being charged in cases where they must decide on the interruption of a pregnancy to preserve the mother’s life.

“Those deaths are product of the unsafe abortions. I would like of the honorable legislators to tell me what are we going to do before the presence of a woman with severe preeclampsia or eclampsia, convulsing in any emergency room around the country, what must we do, see her die to protect ourselves from the repercussions that article 30 stipulates?,” he said.

As I have shown before, a ban like this is pro-death. It is anti-woman because it includes no right to life for the woman. Hence, this law is clearly misogynistic through-and-through.


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