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Some people argue that allowing same-sex marriage will restrict religious freedom. Such claims are nonsense, of course, and the Slacktivist has perhaps the best argument showing why.

It goes that in order to have your religious freedom restricted, you’d have to exceed the standards of the guy who thinks God hates just about everyone.

You do know where this is leading, right? That’s correct. Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church. These people are in many ways the measure of a society’s commitment to freedom of expression. They protest at funerals, holding signs that say “God hates fags”. They offend people, and express a completely anti-homosexual theology. What they do is completely legal. None of them have been thrown in jail or evicted from their homes because of their religious beliefs. (Phelps’ recent legal issues stem an incident involving physical assault, not his religion). They’re religious freedom has not been infringed upon. And unless you’re planning on topping Fred Phelps, neither will yours.

As the Slacktivist says:

Fred Phelps is a free man, so if you think your freedom is going to be restricted, you must be planning to outdo Fred Phelps.

So there’s the two-word answer for every Tony Perkins or James Dobson or Damon Owens who makes up some dubious claim about being persecuted or punished or threatened or jailed or whatever for their anti-gay beliefs.

“I’m a California doct– ” Fred Phelps!He’s a free man. Are you worse than him? No? Then shut up, ‘kay?

“I’m part of a church group in …” Fred  frikkin’ Phelps, buddy. I don’t wanna hear it.

“I’m a Massachu …” Phellllps! Fred Phelps. No one is persecuting you, but your whining is giving me a headache so please just go away now, thanks.


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  1. Did you see Jonathan Merritt’s article in Monday’s USA Today? It’s still on their website. He addresses these tough issues. I recently wrote an article about the same for

  2. I went to your blog and followed the link and read your post. Thank you for the article.

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