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I just spent all of yesterday pulling up old carpet from my stairwell. I used a crowbar to pull up the carpet and underlayer, and to pry out the two sets of spikes for every step and the landing. And then I had to use pliers to pull out all of the old staples and nails. All that while in awkward positions on the steps. And to top it off, now I’ve caught a cold. Today, I have a headache and my joints ache.

It’s not pleasant being like this!

Comments on: "But I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell" (7)

  1. did that damage the stairs much? i have to do the exact same thing, and i hadn’t come up with how yet.

    sorry about your cold.

  2. oh, and feel free to jump in on my blog when you feel better. fitz has moved on to me.

  3. The only error I made was to make a tiny hole in the drywall near the floor as my crowbar missed the spike strip and made it to the wall instead. It could be covered up with molding, eventually. I didn’t damage the stairs themselves. However, dark stains from the (glue or something) used to attach the underlayer remain, and I don’t know now to get rid of them; my best guess would be to sand them away.

  4. And yes, thank you for your well wishes, PF. I am feeling a lot better today.

  5. I replaced the carpeting in the basement with laminate wood flooring (I learned how to use a mitre saw and a jigsaw. I am now the uberfeminist!), but that same carpeting is on the stairs. I can’t very well laminate the stairs, so I think I’ll just paint them. (Plus my dog skids on slick surfaces, so I want to add some grit to the paint to make the stairs . . . um . . . unslick.)

    I’ve been trying to rip the carpeting with a razor and pull it back, but MAN that stuff is glued and tacked down and I just don’t have the hand strength.

    Glad you’re better.

  6. Your carpet’s stickiness to the floor might be due to age of the house. If the stairwell is older the glue might be degraded a bit or carpeting might have been different when it was installed. Getting a little bit open and then using something as a lever to pull up the rest of the carpet might work, although I’m not sure how you’ll do the bottom step or landing (if you have one).

    Also, I hope you use some tough paint. No one wants to repaint the stairs every year because people wear the paint away whereever they walk.

  7. there’s no landing, but i’m not certain how to do the bottom step. i’m going to have to paint unless the stairs themselves are made out of better wood than the side of the stairs, which is just ugly planks. (basement stairs. clearly, these people never intended to use their basement and the trim is made out of the same ugly crap. it looks nice painted, though. and, the trim upstairs is very ornate walnut, which is frustrating. they couldn’t continue the natural beauty in the basement?)

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