Anything worth talking about, is worth blogging about


Consider the following:

At some socially consie organization, a high-level meeting is going on. An employee stands up and says: “We are losing the people. They associate our beliefs with bad things. We are failing. I don’t know what to do.”

The head of the organization thinks about this for a while. That bigwig then looks across the table and says: “I know! Let’s change the names of things we advocate! That way, we can get them all popular again!”

“But won’t people realize that it’s just the same thing with a new name?” And then, that rational employee is fired, and the name change is done anyway.

That little story is made up. But it may as well be what some social consie organizations are doing. Via Feministe comes this Amplify Your Voice post about Abstinence Day on Capital Hill. And it looks like that abstinence ignorance-only sex education is now “holistic approaches” and “healthy lifestyle approaches”, “advocates of real sex education” is “the promiscuity lobby”. And who could forget “reality-based” is “having no values”!

Let’s see now, where have we seen this before? Where have we seen other examples of changing the name of things so as to advance an agenda and to make the other side look bad?

  • What once was “creationists” became “cdesign proponentsists” (an excellent example of a transitional fossil!) became “intelligent design” became “academic freedom”.
  • “Informed consent” means “girl, you’re too juvenile to make your own health decisions”.
  • “Freedom of conscience” means “I don’t have to do my job”.
  • “Sanctity of life” means “fetuses first, women second”.
  • Anti-species syndrome” means “being LGBTQ? or not having twenty kids”.
  • A “3% tax hike” is “socialism”.
  • What once was the “Religious Right Wrong” became “Socially Conservative Evangelicals“.
  • “If you consider LGBTQ? individuals to be people deserving of rights” means that you support the “Homosexual Agenda”.
  • “Pro-family” means “anti-women, pro-patriarchy”.
  • “Tolerance” is “social garbage“.
  • Being “against bigotry” means you “persecute Christians”.

And so on.

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