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How the hell is this “supporting the troops”?

In January, the US Military discharged 11 soldiers due to its Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy (hat tip). The discharged soldiers included four foot soldiers,  a military police officer, an intelligence gatherer, a vehicle driver, a health care specialist, and a water treatment specialist. On other occasions, badly-needed Arabic language specialists have been dismissed.

All of these dismissals are completely unnecessary. DADT has done nothing but harm the United States. Each soldier dismissed under this ludicrous policy is one that cannot be used to fight the enemy. Update: And the cost of training these individuals is also wasted and cannot be recovered.

There are no arguments against repealing DADT. Other countries have successfully integrated LGBT soldiers into their militaries without any difficulty. There are no issues with unit cohesion. In ancient Sparta, homosexuality was common in its army, and it didn’t hinder them in the slightest in the war against Persia. There are no reports of heterosexual soldiers dropping their guns in order to get away from “Teh Gayz” faster. There are no issues with LGBT people in the military.

These brave soldiers, patriotic Americans willing to die for their country, are denied the opportunity, all because of a ridiculous policy.

This is just like other social consie actions. When given the choice of reducing the number of abortions or controlling women’s sexuality, they choose to control women’s sexuality. Similarly, when given the choice of fighting the War on Terror or the War on LGBT People, social consies choose to fight the War on LGBT People.


Comments on: "This is supporting the troops?" (1)

  1. Those 11 soldiers represent millions of dollars of training. Wasted, for what? Nobody even implied that they weren’t good at what they do, or that they weren’t loyal or brave, or lacked any quality one would want in a soldier.

    Wasteful. On so many levels, this is wasteful.

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