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Completely compatible

Today is Darwin Day and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. Darwin is best known, along with Alfred Russel Wallace, for connecting various previous hypothesis, theories, and evidence into a coherent discovery of evolution through natural selection.

There are no compatibility issues with belief in God and acceptance of evolution.

Creationists often tell us that the Earth is “young”, yet the evidence is otherwise. They say that this is to test us, and that the Earth really is “young” because God said so. If anyone were to accuse a person of making something look one way, but then say it is another, is for them to accuse that person of lying. Describing God as a liar or as deceptive is a excellent example of blasphemy.

Why would God want us to be ignorant and unthinking? Perhaps God wants us to use our minds to reason and learn.

There is no conflict between religion and science. One can easily argue that science and religion cover different areas of life: science deals with explaining observations, while religion deals with different things, such as ultimate causes. Also, it is possible that both the scientist and the theologist seek the same understanding, but just use different tools.

For these and other reasons, there should be no difficulty in accepting God and accepting evolution.


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