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The American Life League has this to say on birth control:

…[B]irth control leads to a state of mind that treats sexual activity as if it has nothing to do with babies; babies are treated as “accidents,” as a burden to be eliminated. In this way, contraception is clearly linked to abortion.

Um, contraception prevents abortions. More to the point, the ALL’s claim is not true. An excerpt from a comment by “Arwyn” at Womanist Musings illustrates:

My mom drilled in to me that she was prochoice [sic] from my earliest memories. Why? Because she got unexpectedly pregnant when she was in med school, an IUD failure. It was 1974, and she, a volunteer for Planned Parenthood, was able to seriously contemplate a legal, safe abortion, and she did, though she ultimately decided against it. That very act of choosing took the pregnancy from accidental and unwanted to wanted and chosen….

According to the ALL, this person’s sibling (Arwyn was born a few years after this incident) would have been treated as a burden and aborted, yet Arwyn says otherwise. See? With contraception, there is not necessarily an “oops” factor.


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