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Australia will continue to not allow any of its foreign aid to go towards funding overseas abortion and contraception, the Secular Heretic reports. SH then quotes another news report that goes in part:

These countries want our help to save mothers’ lives through better maternal heath, not killing their babies. Mothers and babies can be saved through aid targeted at improving birthing facilities, not providing abortion clinics.

Although the report is partly true, contraception is a very necessary part of foreign aid. Since women will try and get abortions whether it is legal, legalized abortion makes it safe, and hence saves women’s lives. As people may object to it, it is even better to make abortion as unnecessary as possible. That can be done through contraception. Contraception also allows women to control their fertility and reproduction, which improves their rights. There is also an economic rationale for contraception after the jump:

In order to live, people need resources such as food and water. Lump them all together as “survival units”. For our purposes, each person living in a particular place requires 10 SU’s to live on an indefinite basis. A single person can produce 20 SU’s, resulting in a surplus of 10 SU’s. Each additional person, due to diminishing returns, produces 5 fewer SU’s than the previous person. They still need 10 SU’s to live. This situation allows us to derive a formula:


where n is the population and x is the surplus or deficit in SU’s. The first term is the total SU’s produced for a population of size n (the outermost brackets enclose what indicates the net increase in SU’s produced gained by adding another person to the population; the summation is necessary to account for surpluses produced by previous people), and the second term is the number of SU’s eaten. At a population of 5, both sides are in equilibrium, with no surplus or deficit. A smaller population, and there is a surplus, and a greater population there is a shortage (as there cannot be negative SU production once the gain becomes 0 the summation can be ended). Why is contraception good? It allows n to be limited (or held constant, as deaths and emigration out hold steady with births and immigration in). This allows a surplus of SU’s to be maintained, allowing a group to trade it for something else, or keep it to themselves, improving their quality of life and providing a hedge against unfortunate circumstances.

In reality, a country or town would be able to support a population greater than 5, but the same principle applies.

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