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When flipping through at book (Merton, Andrew H. Enemies of Choice: The Right-to-Life Movement and Its Threat to Abortion. Beacon Press. 1981) at university today, I found a telling passage on pp. 189-90 (the first paragraph is paraphrased, quotation in second paragraph is the book quoting the study):

A pro-life index including opposition to capital punishment, promoting equality so as to reduce poverty and crime, and less militarism in foreign policy had a weak negative correlation, a “moderate negative association”, with support for the Human Life Amendment. The survey asked only American Catholics and had a sample size of 2718. Later on, another survey found that anti-choice attitudes were strongly associated with certain types of views sex and marriage, including priestly celibacy, the use of contraceptives, and remarriage after getting divorced. It was published in 1978 under the title “Are Catholics Ready?” The study’s conclusion:

“These findings call into serious question the claim of the anti-abortion movement to the title “pro-life”. They indicate that  the movement derives its most fundamental motivations less from a reverence for human life than from a concern for sexual morality.”

The real purpose of the movement is the preservation of repressive puritanical sexual mores.

I am not surprised.

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