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God’s Orgasmic Punishments

Jesus’ General has a post about Republican opposition to family planning in the United States’ stimulus bill, and it is a very good post. Besides the fact that funding family planning reduces the abortion rate, I’d also like to make an excerpt, which I think sums up why most of the GOP is opposed to funding family planning:

Sex, which occurs behind closed doors, can be the ultimate in autonomous behavior because it’s beyond the direct control of authority figures. This means that control must be internalized through religious codes (i.e., making you feel “dirty” or immoral for having the wrong sort of sex in the wrong way). Since internalized controls don’t always work, other measures must be brought into play, all of which depend upon the existence of negative consequences to sex. From the perspective of authoritarians, pregnancy and STDs are important consequences of sex because:

  1. They are a form of punishment for wrong sex.
  2. The reveal to the world that you violated rules about sex.
  3. The help prevent you from having more wrong sex.
  4. They are a warning to others to not have wrong sex.

It’s about fear of sex and being able to punish people (actually, mostly women because he’s a stud and she’s a slut) for having sex for fun. This is also inherently misogynistic since the “consequences” of unsafe sex are not born equally by males and females (since [biological] males can’t get pregnant). Given any choice between controlling people’s sex lives and actually accomplishing something useful like reducing the abortion rate or improving public health through preventative measures, it looks like social consies will always choose the former.

Isn’t it clear GOP stands for God’s Orgasmic Punishments?

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