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Evidently it means that it’s legal to beat your wife and that that is not grounds for divorce. Some even think that abuse is warrented and that female submission is an absolute necessity. Those people are completely wrong.

Jesus wants sexual equality. A reading of the Gospels makes it abundantly clear that he supports rights for women. This is especially obvious in the works of Luke. Jesus was born of a woman, associates with prostitutes, has women be the first people to see the empty tomb, and saves a woman from being stoned to death for a sex crime.

Besides the fact that the most misogynistic “Pauline” Epistles probably weren’t written by Paul, some of the ones in the genuine epistles may be later interpolations. In addition, this blaming of the woman is rather at odds with the command for husbands to love their wives as is their marital duty. If your husband is beating you or abusing you, he does not love you.

Luna has more.

It’s not like I needed more evidence that the best synonym for “Complementarianism” is “Hierarchicalism”


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