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Serena Joy The Movie

Via Pharyngula comes a movie trailer about women telling women to oppress women. Although it is actually a few years old now, it seems to have just entered the feminist blogosphere. The trailer is truly horrific:

More is after the jump.

The movie is called “The Monstrous Regiment of Women“. It is named after a diatribe against female monarchs written by John Knox.

The second speaker is Carol Everett, and here is an exposé that sheds light on some interesting details.

This film shows why we need to ban, with enforcement, homeschooling and private schools, especially those that teach religious fundamentalism, traditional gender roles, complementarianism, and submission of women and girls. (From a purely theoretical standpoint, it would be even better to ban religious denominations that do not have full secular equality between men and women, although I don’t think such a thing would be feasible or workable, and how the hell are you gonna enforce it? hence it should be rejected). By spreading the meme of women’s rights it defeats those who try to use their children as weapons and train girls to be submissive. It also prevents a dualistic us-vs-them worldview from forming. Sorry, freedom of religion does not give you the freedom to oppress people, including women. Women’s rights should take precedence over freedom of religion one hundred times out of a hundred issues. This does not ban religion because every existing religion has movements that promote secular equality.

Other analysis and commentary is at Feministing.

Update: Jennie/Jennifer Chancey’s husband, Matthew, is a Christian Reconstructionist. The expert on John Knox who appeared in the film, Sharon Adams, only expressed Knox’s views, not her own.


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