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On December 30, there was a bizarre website referring people here. The website in question is and the post it referred all of its viewers to was the one I made earlier about how a Manitoba MP plans to re-ignite the abortion debate. The .ca means that it must be a Canadian website. The .gc means it is the Government of Canada’s website. Notice the /restricted/ in the URL. Although the website clearly exists (as it referred people here), it doesn’t let me access it, so don’t click the link, you’ll get a message about how your browser cannot access that page. I’d like to know what’s up with this. Since I linked to a few Parliament of Canada websites in the post I mentioned earlier, did this link appear because of that? If  there really is a bureaucrat whose job is to monitor what people say about MPs, well, there’s lots more about Bruinooge on WordPress.

Update: And then there’s another website, with the URL: It gets the same results as the previous URL I blogged about.


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