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New Hampshire State Representative Jim Splaine will attempt to start the process of legalizing same-sex marriage in New Hampshire (hat tip). He plans, when the New Hampshire Legislature begins its next session, to introduce a bill that would amend the state’s current legislation recognizing civil unions, to also allow marriage. I hope it passes.


Comments on: "Bill planned to legalize same-sex marriage in New Hampshire" (2)

  1. vladseventysix said:

    Will somebody please explain how a man and a woman can be married as heterosexual relations if gender, mating, and baby, all have absolutely nothing to do with the Institution of Marriage. So, am I to conclude a man and a woman can be married as non-heterosexual relations? So, am I to conclude equality like beauty is in the eye of the beholder? And if same sex marriage advocates are wrong then what are the consequences and why should those consequences be re-evalated? So, am I to conclude the claim of infallibility for same sex marriage is based on personal faith? Nobody, but, nobody has the right to be liked. Nobody, but, nobody has that Royal Prerogitive. The case against same sex marriage can be made with out calling anybody any names. There’s an old saying, “Winston! We do it for the power”! Air tight!

  2. At a subsequent post, I have responded to your comment.

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