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As promised, here is the response/debunking to part 2 of Dennis Prager’s most recent column. It follows the same format as part 1. This time, there are 18 paragraphs in Prager’s column.

1A: Prager summarizes his previous column. 1B: People do understand that sex isn’t everything. Sex includes oral and anal too.

2A: He then summarizes what nonsense will be in the remainder of the coming column. 2B: Wouldn’t emotional distress influence mood?

3A, 4A: He asks why and then says that he will offer 8 reasons.

5A: He implies that women are only interested in sex when it is their “time of the month”. This is false. Women’s sexuality is not limited by whether she is in estrous or not (estrous being when she is at peak fertility). Although not every study reaches this finding, it appears that women are more sexually active when at peak fertility, according to this study.This is specifically the desire to initiate sex. In other words, when at peak fertility (specifically the last days of pre-ovulation), women are more likely to initiate sex, whereas men appear to do so without a pattern. 5B, 5C: Being tired or having some traumatic experience may well reduce sexual desires. If men and women shared child-rearing, both would be less tired. Of course, in consie fantasyland, women submit and men don’t raise kids unless they are a widower. And men do not have a constant desire for sex. If that was true, it seems reasonable to argue that they would be preoccupied with thinking about it. But fewer than 47% of men think about sex as often as one time per day.

6A: A wise woman stands up for herself. Submissiveness is not part of the equation. 6B: Moods generally last for hours or longer. Although not as specific as an emotion, it is ridiculous to think that something that lasts as long as that has no effect. Ever heard of comfort food?

7A: Women work too. Some men are stay-at-home. And responsibility means that you do things that you might not like. This is not the same as having sex with someone when they don’t want to because that is violating someone and raping them. Most people go to work even if they don’t want to. Why? Perhaps they need the money due to the cost of living being so high. Strictly speaking, a couple does not need to have sex. 7B: Women can work. And I’m sure most people would feel sympathy for those who don’t want to do something they need to do but have to do it. Exceptions exist (such as prisoners in jail). Sex is not an exception. 7C, 7D: There is more to love than sex.

8A, 8B, 8C: As I have explained before, the analogy between work and sex is invalid.

9A, 10A, 10B: There are still laws and codes of behaviour. Heard of the Golden Rule?  10C: If she doesn’t feel like having it she probably won’t consent. 10D: You have the right not to have sex with someone.

11A: In other words, loving each other is not an obligation? 11B: In other words, we have no obligation not to shout fire in a crowded theatre when there is no fire. 11C: In places where marriages are consummated, a marriage is technically not valid until the couple has sex. But in general, there is no obligation to have sex. 11D: Making women be submissive and owe their husbands sex does make them property. Women are people, never property. Let’s stop the misogyny and woman-blaming, okay? 11E: Pressuring women into not saying no makes them property, regardless of the words used. 11F, 11G: The best marriages are those where both spouses are happy. Imposing submission on one or obligations on one leads to oppression, not happiness. In consie fantasyland, it is inevitable the woman who is oppressed.

12A: Women have made progress since the 1960s. 12B, 12C: The new situation is that both partners’ feeling are of equal importance. Too bad consies can’t stand women’s rights. I’d like to point out that men have just as much a right as women to say no to sex. It’s never the woman’s fault if that happens.

13A, 13B: Notice how he has no grasp of what the pre-1960’s really were like? It’s not like television. It was hell for women. 13C: It’s not wrong to say no to sex because you have the right not to have sex. 13D, 13E: Not meeting your child(ren)’s need(s) is child abuse. And perhaps people help friends because of reciprocity or reputation, or because they feel it is right? 13F, 13G: There is more to love than just sex. The best marriages are those where both spouses are happy. Sex is not strictly necessary for that.

14A: Having sex with someone who is doesn’t want it or who is coerced into saying nothing is rape. 14B: It’s not “dehumanizing” or “mechanical”, it’s rape. 14C: Yes, that is how it should be. 14D: How the hell did humans evolve then? 14E: There are other ways to be romantic, such as hugging. As explained previously, men do not constantly desire sex.

15A, 15B: In other words, if you feel uncomfortable in a situation, do nothing. Great idea, Prager! 15C: Maybe you will. 15D: He obviously means loving toward your spouse, but let me posit agape to everyone instead. Agape is simply loving others, even those who don’t love back. 15E: Act fundamentalist, and you’ll become more fundamentalist. 15F: Give to the poor, not just to your spouse or your family. 15G: Ever heard of there being too much of a good thing?

16A: Women matter as much as men. Realizing her rights may make a woman mad that she put up with not having them earlier. Forced submission is a path to unhappiness. That is also misogynistic. 16B: The divorce was a great move because a man who wants only sex from his wife is sick indeed.

17A: If a woman doesn’t want to have sex, she doesn’t want to have sex. She has the right to take whatever factors she wants to in deciding whether she wants sex or not.

18A: A woman who is submissive like this will be rewarded with abuse and unhappiness. A marriage where one spouse has more power than the other always leads to this. 18B: Any decent and rational woman stands up for her rights and does not accept advice like Prager’s.

This concludes the response/debunking. Again, to both of Prager’s ex-wives, the divorces were a great move.


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