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Winnipeg South MP Rod Bruinooge (Conservative) is planning re-ignite the abortion debate in Canada, CBC reports. The specific legislation he plans to eventually introduce would be a revival of Bill C-484, the Unborn Victims of Crime Act, which would have made sentences tougher if a fetus was harmed during the commission of a crime against a pregnant woman. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson attempted to replace it with legislation that would allow judges to consider a victim’s pregnancy, both pieces of legislation died when the recent federal election was called, CBC reported weeks ago. The government has also failed to enforce the Canada Health Act and force New Brunswick to pay for abortions, even though the government is required to do so.

Bruinooge is head of a “secretive” anti-abortion caucus. He has not revealed how many MPs are in it, but claims that it has members of all four parties with seats in the House of Commons. Bruinooge said that Canadians need to educated about Canada’s abortion stance. Currently, there are no laws in Canada restricting abortion. A fetal homicide law would be a backdoor introduction of fetal rights, regardless of what anyone says. Going by the CBC report, introducing a fetal homicide law is as urgent as dealing with the ongoing economic crisis.

Bruinooge also said (emphasis added):

Very few Canadians appreciate the fact that essentially until a child takes its first breath, it has less value than a kidney. In Canada you can’t remove your kidney, and put it on eBay and auction it off. That is illegal. Whereas you actually can end a beating heart of an unborn child the second before it’s delivered. Most Canadians would agree that is truly a poor bioethical position for our country to be in.

Late-term abortions are almost always done if the mother’s life is threatened or if the fetus would almost certainly not survive birth. A woman aborting that late is not doing so because the pregnancy is unwanted. Taking Bruinooge’s quote to its logical conclusion would mean that it is a poor bioethical position to save women’s lives.

The Conservative Party also has other anti-women stances as official policy; at its November convention, resolution P-213 passed. That policy ended support for full gender equality and equal pay for equal work.

Take action. Support the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada in its actions. Write to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Minister of Health Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Justice and Attorney General Rob Nicholson, Minister of State (Status of Women) Helena Guergis, or your local MP, and tell them why they should oppose all fetal homicide laws and any laws that could restrict abortion.


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