Anything worth talking about, is worth blogging about

  • Shoveling your walk is a full-time job;
  • Your dream of a white Christmas comes through several times over;
  • Someone goes cross-country skiing down your street;
  • 30mm of rain causes a possible flood danger;
  • You spend 2 hours driving your bumper car home, when it wasn’t a bumper car when you bought it.

Those are all things I’ve seen. Although I stayed home this whole time, there  have been lots of car accidents since the snow started, that song was on too many times, I saw a cross-country skier ten minutes ago, 25mm of rain is routine here, but not with the snow plugging a lot of drains, and I’ve shoveled the sidewalk several times. Yes, I’ve got too much snow (by the standards of this area).

At least it’s Boxing Day and I don’t have to go anywhere.


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