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A tale of two companies

First the good:

Feministing reports that the American Family Association is urging a boycott of Campbell’s Soup because it subsidiary, Swanson Broth, dared to do good and run an ad featuring a lesbian couple and their son in a gay magazine, The Advocate. Stand up for equality: buy more Campbell’s, give surplus to charity, and tell Campbell’s how they are doing good and that you will continue to support them.

Now the bad:

Religion Dispatches reports on how the winner of a “Manliness” contest sponsored by Old Spice is a man called Matthew Chancey. Matthew Chancey is a Christian Reconstructionist and a truly evil man. He is against women’s rights, and supports theocracy and women being submissive. He was supported by Vision Forum, which is against women’s suffrage. THIS IS TRULY EVIL AND MUST NOT BE TOLERATED. Tell Proctor & Gamble how bad they really are and never ever buy another one of their products.

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